Jenelle Evans Uses Kim Kardashian's Naked Photo to Send a Positive Message

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A lot of people have been crying Photoshop when it comes to Kim Kardashian's recent naked photos for Paper magazine, where her body proportions just don't seem humanly possible.

We know Kim has a great body, we're not taking that away from her, but it just seems like there is a big difference between recent paparazzi pics and this spread. The main reason people get upset about Photoshopping is that it sends the wrong message to girls, who see something that is not even real and they feel bad that they don't look like that.

While the debate over whether these photos were 'shopped rages on, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is clearly in the "Photoshopped" camp and she took to Facebook to share her thoughts on the subject.

"Ladies don't believe everything u see online, especially pics of big butts and small waists. It's sad everything can't be natural when it comes to photography now in days [sic]. Don't dare put yrself up on a pedestal like this," she posted, along with an article claiming the pics had been altered.

We love the way she didn't outright slam Kim, she just used her belief that the pics had been altered as a teaching point. She's basically saying 'hey, don't let these pics make you feel bad about yourself' and that's something we can definitely agree with.

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