Jennifer Lawrence Wants to Have Couples Colonic With Josh Hutcherson

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Some people's idea of a date night is dinner and a movie, but Jennifer Lawrence is all about double colonics with her Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson.

"Josh and I were talking about getting colonics together, but we were like, 'Can we get a couples colonics, but like platonic? Like a platonic colonic? Do you guys have those?'" she explained during a sitdown on The Late Show With David Letterman.

In case you forgot, Jen was having some major stomach issues from an ulcer the last time was on Dave Letterman's show and was even rushed to the hospital.

The 24-year-old also shared another funny hospital story that happened while she got strep throat in Austria doing Mockingjay press.

"I woke up from this fever haze and I was getting an IV with antibiotics...and my doctor was like 18 or 20, wearing ripped Converse and jeans and a shirt that said 'A real woman never lets her man leave hungry or horny.' I was like, 'Who's little brother is giving me an IV? Or drug dealer?'" she explained.

We could actually totally see J. Law rocking that shirt herself!

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