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5 Things I Learned About Kalin and Myles

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1. They sometimes wait till the last minute to do things just like many of us!
"Don't tell J-14, but we kinda pushed our SnapChat challenge until the last minute, not purposely but we were in the middle of our Chase Dreams Tour, so it was kinda hard to find time," Kalin told us.

We totally understand, considering they always turn up at every performance!

2. They might be just as obsessed with the Schmoney dance as everyone else!
The guys did a Snapchat challenge for J-14 and had to come out and dance in different costumes. "It ended up being at the show that night, so we would change into the costumes in the middle of our set, so like we went off and came back on and did this little dance," said Myles. "Yeah, the Schmoney dance," said Kalin.

3. Although pizza is their #1 go-to food they - especially Kalin of course - they love trying new food.
"Some of my favorite moments on tour would probably have to be eating food that's not the same consistently," said Kalin.

4. They've been working together for such a long time now they basically know everything about one another.
Cambio: Have you learned anything new about each other while on tour?
Kalin: No, not yet cause I've pretty much been with this dude for about three years every day so it's like I know everything about Myles. His favorite color is purple.
Myles: What? No, it's not.
Kalin: Just kidding his favorite color is *stalling*
Myles: Blue, that's something you just learned right now
Kalin: Na, I knew that, I knew that.

5. Kalin and Myles are both pretty psyched to tour in different countries this upcoming year especially since their shows have been selling out!
Cambio: Okay, so you're expecting to tour in Canada, Australia, and Europe this upcoming year, what are some of your thoughts about that?
Kalin: It's amazing. We're really excited. We just announced our UK show last week and I thought, "Oh, that's so cool traveling, having about 30 girls at the show, and then we got word that it sold out. We're just making sure we get a room where everybody fits, and yeah we'll just turn up together.
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