Scout Willis Posts Gorgeous Workout Photo, But All People Want To Talk About Is Her Armpit Hair

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Women are expected to shave their armpits. We're not quite sure why women's underarms are any different than men's, but our societal norms tell us that guys' underarm hair is just fine (really, we're about as thrilled with it as you are with ours) and that girls' underarm hair is not.

When a woman does dare to let her armpit hair grow, she faces an inevitable backlash from people telling her how disgusting that Scout Willis experienced when she posted this shot of herself on Twitter.

In this pic, Demi Moore's daughter is showing off her aerial skills, which are actually pretty impressive, and unfortunately nobody wanted to talk about her form or how etherial she looks in this pic, the discussion was entirely dominated by her armpit hair.

"Just curious as to why you don't shave/wax them?" one person asked. "Your body is great. But please shave your armpits," another wrote, to which Scout replied "no thank you."

The good news is that a lot of people were very supportive of Scout's unshaven armpit. "Your body is great...shave whatever the hell you want. Or, don''s your choice," one person shared. "Beautiful woman posts great pic of her beautiful self and all peeps wanna talk about is her armpit hair. SMFH- and sadly, too," another lamented.

Our favorite response was written by this person, who wrote, "How did Scout's underarms become anyone, but Scout's business?"
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