Taylor Swift Sends Struggling Fan Sweet Care Package

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Who needs Santa Claus when we have Taylor Swift? The singer totally made a sad fan's life a whole lot better after she randomly sent her an awesome care package in the mail to cheer her up.

It all went down after Taylor saw a message posted on the fan's Tumblr page. The Swiftie, Ally Moronese, posted about how sad she was that she had to move out of her childhood home.

She had been there for over 20 years. "Life is so hard I don't know what to do about it. It makes me so sad :(," she posted.

Somehow Taylor caught wind of that message, and about Ally being down, and decided to bust out some T-Swift magic to make everything better...even if just for a little bit.

Not only did Taylor write a cute "thinking of you" message on Ally's Tumblr responding to her original message, but she also went a step further and sent her the most amazing care package ever.

What did the package include? A sweater, blanket, beautiful pillow, candles, a journal, and a ton of personal messages from her.

Our favorite one is the one she posted on Ally's journal. "Ally I know you've been through a lot. Sometimes it helps me to put a pen to paper, even if you rip it up afterward. You are perfect."

Taylor, we're pretty sure you are perfect, too. Check out more of the personalized gifts T-Swift gave Ally below.
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