Tyler Oakley Wants You to Be "Unapologetically Yourself"

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No apologies! Tyler Oakley tells it like it is in a Cambio Q&A:

Cambio: How did you come up with the name "Slumber Party" for your tour?
Tyler Oakley: I've always done shows from my living room where I would live stream myself while wearing my pajamas with people around the world tuning in. We would do slumber party things like gossip and talk about celebrities, entertainment, and pop culture, and I wanted to keep the same feelings for my tour. Now that I'm going on the road and meeting new people, it seems like a smooth transition to host a hangout session. I wanted it to be intimate and casual as if it were what me and my friends would be doing hanging out on a Friday night and that's why me and my fans wear pajamas during the show.

Cambio: What has been your favorite moment on the tour so far?
TO: I would say my meet-and-greets before the show have been my favorite moments so far. I get to hang out with the people to see who makes my tour possible, my fans. Normally I only get a chance to meet my friends at conventions, but now I get to travel to towns rather than fans coming to meet me in faraway places like California where conventions like my tour are abundant. Because VIP tickets for my meet-and-greets sell out so quickly, I also look forward to surprising plenty of people who didn't get VIP tickets with backstage passes for after the show!

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Cambio: What inspires you and the videos that you make?
TO: Just knowing that anybody could be watching and be listening to what I am saying inspires me to make my videos every day. It may help someone feel less alone in the world. Back when I was in middle school, YouTube did not exist and now I want to be the resource for someone whether I talk about something that is entertainment or serious, it's there for at least one person.

Cambio: What is your favorite 1D moment? Favorite 1D song?
TO: My favorite One Direction moment was when I got to interview them on my show. So much of my identity had been to support musicians and pop culture and for me to interview them and turn my 1D fandom into a reality as a whole was a huge culmination of my career.

My favorite One Direction song is "
Midnight Memories"- that whole album was good.

Cambio: What are 3 apps that you love using?
TO: 1. Twitter - I'm on Twitter all day long every day to interact one-on-one with my fans.
2. Tumblr - Since so much of the YouTube community is on Tumblr, I love seeing their edits and opinions on things, this is where I see the most creativity come out.
3. YouTube- Most of my friends are YouTube stars and I'm constanttly watching my friends all day long.

Cambio: Here at Cambio, we're also in the business of empowering young people - especially women - to be what ever they want to be and build what ever they want to build. That's why we started the social movement #BuiltByGirls. What is the one piece of advice you would give those who are trying to navigate through life and find themselves?
TO: The best advice I can give is you never know who you're going to impact so all you can do is to just be yourself. Especially on YouTube, many people think they have to follow a recipe or a formula to attain success, but that's not the case. Ultimately your viewers are going to see you for who you are and the people who do succeed are people who allow their fans to see themselves in them. Being unapologetically yourself is going to make the world better along the way!

Cambio: You are doing so many new ventures - from making podcasts and of course creating more content on YouTube. What's next for Tyler Oakley?
TO: The tour is my passion right now. I have seven more tour dates coming up in December. I have requests to come everywhere, and my hope is to take the tour worldwide and get a chance to hug and say thanks to all of my fans in person.

Check out how you can meet Tyler on his Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party tour, in a city near you!


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