Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Are Talking Again: "She's Not Over Harry"

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While recent reports that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are friends again and will never get back together romantically seemed to shut down any future Haylor dating rumors, it seems there's still a little more buzz...er...buzzing about the two.

HollywoodLife.com reports that Harry and Taylor's phone calls have given her a bit of hope beyond just the friendzone. As always, we'd take any of these "a source says" reports with a giant grain of salt.

Their insider squealed: "Taylor is so excited that she and Harry are talking again. She was in love with him and he broke her heart - that's why she hasn't dated anyone since him. She still likes him. Taylor won't admit it, but she's not over Harry."

The source added, "She practically does a happy dance whenever she hears from him. And she analyzes every word he says. She's obsessing over him and finds a way to bring him up in every conversation, that's why even her trainer knows they're talking again."

In another story, a HollywoodLife source claims that "Taylor wants to date Harry again" but "is terrified that she'll 'get her heart broken all over again' if Harry is just messing with her feelings."

Their insider explains, "If Harry is just trying to be friends and he has no plan to actually date her again, this is going to be hard for her. She's going to get her heart broken all over again. She's just so sensitive and she does still like him a lot."

Like we said, these insider source reports sound like a stretch and thankfully Gossip Cop has been working overtime to bust the rumors.

Gossip Cop got the scoop from "real Swift insiders," with one confirming Haylor are "not getting back together," and another saying they are "friends but NOT romantic, and Taylor is not interested or wanting more."

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