This Woman's Reaction to a Magic Trick Is Better Than the Trick Itself (WATCH)

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There are no two ways about it: When someone scares you, it sucks. Especially if it's some random person on the internet with one of those 'stare at this spot on the screen' videos that has some haggardly, vile creature pop out and scream right when you've reached peak staring status.

For some reason, though, seeing other people get scared is somehow hilarious. Maybe it's the 'glad that wasn't me' feeling or maybe we're just all evil, but it's funny, there is no denying that.

In this video from Chris Ballinger's Magic Mondays, entitled "I told you not to do that," Chris totally ignored the woman's warning and did what she told him not to do (aka "that"). Let's face it, though, the video wouldn't have been funny if he hadn't.

We don't want to spoil the fun, but this woman's reaction to what he did is everything. She totally embodies the way we all feel when someone scares us and she did NOT hold back when telling the magician just how much she hated his trick.
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