Why Did Leah Calvert Quit Teen Mom 2?

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Fans were shocked when Leah Calvert confirmed the rumors that she'll be leaving Teen Mom 2.

Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about why she made the decision to leave a successful show that generated a good income for herself and her family and gave her a level of fame that so many people want so badly.

Leah didn't reveal the official reason why she quit, but RadarOnline spoke with a source who claims to know why she pulled the plug.

"Leah's final court date is coming up, and her behavior on the show made her look really bad to the judge," the source tells the site. Leah is currently in the middle of a custody battle with her ex, Corey Simms, and that's what the 'court date' is in reference to.

"Leah's daughters are her number one priority," they continued. "Now that the show could lead her to lose custody, she's ready to leave her reality TV life behind."

We can totally understand not wanting to have every up and down in your day broadcast on national television, especially when you're in the midst of something as critical as a custody battle. Really, anything you do or even say could be used against you, so why give them extra ammo?

Probably only Leah knows the real reason she's quitting the show, but we've seen the way she always puts her kids first and we have to assume this decision had a lot to do with them, so we support it even though we'll miss her and those adorable little girls.
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