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11 Celebs Who Are The BIGGEST Geeks

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It's never been so chic to be geek! These fabulous Hollywood stars would agree.

1. "What I like about nerdiness, geekiness, is it doesn’t really matter what you’re into," says Kristen Bell. "It just means you’re not a follower."

2. Jennifer Lawrence: WHAT? The coolest girl in Hollywood is a self-proclaimed Harry Potter geek! Don't be surprised if you find her on Pottermore.

3. Joel McHale could learn a thing or two from the self-professed "Hollywood Geek" Olivia Munn. The actress religiously attends ComicCon every year and gushes about her obsession with Star Wars, tech gadgets and comics.

4. The How I Met Your Mother and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Alyson Hannigan will forever be remembered for what she did that one time as geeky band girl Michelle Levenstein in American Pie.

5. Zoe Saldana has said, "I loved stories that helped me escape, and those happened to be the stories that fall into the category of geekiness. So, therefore, I am a proud geek!"

6. Tina Fey claims that the geeky Liz Lemon she plays on the show 30 Rock is the fictionalized version of herself.

7. Rosario Dawson is not only a successful actress, but who would have guessed that she's also the creator of the comic book mini-series “Occult Crimes Taskforce”?

8. Avid gamer Felicia Day created and starred in The Guild, an award-winning comedy web series about online gamers, and recently launched the premium YouTube channel Geek & Sundry.

9. Mila Kunis has played hours of World of Warcraft and is a longtime Star Trek fan. It's no surprise that she and Ashton Kutcher, a huge tech investor (think Spotify, Airbnb, and Foursquare), hit it off. We bet their new daughter Wyatt will be adorably geeky too.

10. Amy Adams has it all: a husband, baby, and a successful career. This glamorous actress recalls her geeky passion for music and theater in high school. "I was a Gleek, singing up and down the hallways without music or an orchestra behind me, like in the show."

11. Jason Segal swears he wore a Superman cape under his clothes until he was 12. When his parents asked him why, Jason said, "Just in case." And this year, he starring in the movie Sex Tape. Geeks FTW.

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