13-Year-Old Boy Comes Out to His Best Friend, Gets the Perfect Response

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With so many recent headlines about bullying in schools, it's nice to see teens having each others' backs.

Twitter user @paleveil brought a particularly heartwarming situation to light when she posted a text convo between her 13-year-old brother and his best friend, according to E! Online. In it, the boy hesitantly comes out as gay to his "bro" and ends up getting an amazing response from him.

"Bro we [have] been friends for 3 years and I'm glad you told me this," his friend replies after the 13-year-old tells him he likes boys. "Who the f**k cares what people are going to say? You're awesome no matter what bro and I'm happy that [you're] my best friend. Don't be ashamed there's nothing to be embarrassed about. As a bro I'm gonna stick by you. Aint nothing wrong with being gay my friend."

Before posting screenshots of their convo, the Twitter user asked her brother for permission. Since putting it up on her page Nov. 8, the tweeter's post has been favorited nearly 57,000 times and retweeted over 36,000 times.

The convo stops there, but we can imagine this response was just what the 13-year-old, who was admittedly scared to come out to his friend, needed. The world could use more "bros" like this one.

Check out their full convo below.:

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