Beyonce Is Smoking, Scary, Sexy in "Haunted" Music Video

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We got to hear Beyonce's song "Haunted" heavily featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and now there's a music video.

But instead of seeing Queen Bey Twerking on her underwear on a balcony like she did "7/11," her latest video is decidely darker.

Jay-Z's wife pulls up at a beautiful seaside mansion that looks lovely from the outside, but is actually a house of horrors, complete with creepy mannequins, hairless cats and other fearsome characters.

Of course, there's still some of Beyonce's signature sexiness mixed in with the scary here, as the 33-year-old writhes around in bed wearing a thong and bites pearls.

Also, side note: since when does Beyonce smoke?!

Which video do you like more: the casual dance party we saw in "7/11" or the gothic, freakshow of "Haunted"?

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