Ed Sheeran Admits He's Never Really Liked His Body

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Who knew Ed Sheeran was at one time not happy with himself? Our favorite, and the hottest ginger ever, recently revealed that like all of us, he's had horrible body image issues, and hasn't liked what he's seen under his clothes.

The "Thinking Out Loud" singer recently revealed that he wasn't happy with how he looked before, and that he then realized that eating healthy is easy.

"I'd like to be healthier but I just don't enjoy working out. I enjoyed dancing and I lost weight while dancing. I could play football, I could do badminton. I just don't enjoy running on a treadmill or doing weights or doing sit-ups."

Glad to know we aren't the only ones...

"It feels like it's quite a vain thing to do too much," he continued. "I think if you do it for health reasons, then it's great but if you do it for image reasons, purely image reasons, I don't think it makes sense," he recently told the Hits Radio.

He went on, "I was never really happy with my image and then I realized it was because I was eating fried food and drinking beer every day. You don't have to kill yourself by getting into shape. Just eat right and don't drink every day."

That's not all he had to say about body image and being a celebrity.

He added, "There's enough fat people in the industry and there's enough skinny people in the industry and there's enough ginger people in the industry. There's enough of everyone in the industry and usually the ones that aren't attractive are the ones that do the best."

We honestly think Ed's one of the most attractive guys in the music business right now. Aaand we're pretty sure all of his millions of fans would agree.

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