Here's What Happened When a Woman Brought This Huge Pig With Her on a Plane

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It's official: pigs can't fly.

A woman and her pig got the boot off of a US Airways plane after the animal got a little too rambunctious before the flight took off Wednesday.

According to the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Rachel Boerner brought her 80-pound pot-bellied pig with her for "emotional support," but passengers said it became a nuisance when it "stank up the cabin of the tiny DC-bound aircraft" and took a dump in the aisle.
Once the aspiring model reached her seat, stowed her items, and tied the pig to an armrest, she tried to clean up her pet's droppings, but he started to howl, CNN reported. "She was talking to it like a person, saying it was being a jerk," one passenger told the outlet. "I have no problems with babies, but this pig was letting out a howl."

As this was no way to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday, the woman and her pig were soon asked to leave the flight.

The passenger was allowed to bring the pig on board under the Department of Transportation's "emotional support animal" guidelines, which say that animals that "assist persons with disabilities by providing emotional support" qualify as service animals.

Some pets, though, should probably be left at home.

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