Jacquie Lee: My Debut Album "Is Going to Kick Ass"

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This runner-up is running her way to the top.

Jacquie Lee competed in The Voice in 2013, coming in second place, which only added fuel to her fire. We got to premiere the 17-year-old's official lyric video for "Broken Ones" over the summer and recently chatted with her about her just-released EP.

C: Was there a specific song that sparked your interest in music?
JL: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was the first song I ever sang and that inspired me, as weird as it sounds. It was just pretty and simple and made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted.

C: What was the inspiration behind your new EP, Broken Ones? Do you have a favorite off of it?
JL: The inspiration behind my music is real emotion and feeling. I want people listening who are going through something to be able to have a sort of release. Creating music is mine. Because I'm so close to all of the music I don't have a permanent favorite. It changes daily.

C: We know you probably want to keep everything on the down low, but can you share anything about your upcoming debut album?
JL: Hmm, I can definitely tell you it's going to kick ass. I can also say it will be sometime next year and I'm not holding back. It will be the result of me just going with the music and not filtering my thoughts. It will be scary for sure, but being vulnerable in my music is pretty much the only place I can let go.

C: If you could have a dream collab with anyone, who would you choose and why?
JL: Right now, I'm really into Sam Smith. His music inspires me and it would be insane if our voices were paired together.

C: You were on a singing competition so we imagine you've received more than your share of advice, but what's the best advice that you've ever received?
JL: The best advice I've heard so far would be to enjoy myself and not take anything or anyone I love for granted. Happiness can be fleeting.

C: What's one thing about you that your fans might not know or be surprised to learn?
JL: When I was younger I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. I fell asleep standing up at a concert once. True story. I have witnesses.

C: You said Pete Wentz was your celeb crush the last time we talked to you... has that changed?
JL: Young Leo.

Us too, Jacquie, us too.


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