Jessica Alba Gets Skinny-Shamed After Posting Bikini Photo

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It almost seems as if a celebrity posting a bikini photo online sends out some sort of alert to the critics and they all stop whatever they're doing to hop on and start hating.

Sometimes people just go with "ew" in the comments section and other times, they'll full-on body-shame whoever posted the pic. Doesn't matter if they think she's too fat, too skinny, too muscular - they're gonna make sure the celeb knows they don't approve of the way she looks.

In Jessica Alba's case, she got skinny-shamed after posting this fun bikini photo of herself and a friend hanging out on a boat during a vacay in Thailand.

Jump for joy! #Thailand w my #BFF @lauren_andersen 👯🙌👙🌊☀️

A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

"Your a great person but I feel like seeing your rib bones to be a little worrisome. I'm all for being lean and fit but being boney is a little scary," one person wrote. "Dam skeletor eat a sandwich please," another chimed in. Even some news outlets chimed in with their critique.

In her defense, jumping up and extending your arms like that is going to stretch things out a little more, so this isn't really a fair pic to judge her on. Plus, it's not ours or anybody else's place to be judging her body to begin with.

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