This Girl Is Definitely Not Thankful for This Thanksgiving Turkey Prank

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Something tells us this girl didn't end up eating turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, if she wasn't a vegetarian before, she just might be after this prank.

In what was presumably her first (and last!) time cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, the girl was being filmed by her mom and sister, who were obviously in on the joke.

As she's removing the stuffing, she encounters a sad surprise. "Mom, there's a baby turkey in the turkey, it's a girl!" she says, heartbroken, as she pulls out what she thinks is the baby turkey.

"I'm crying, this isn't funny," she says, as the whole family - including the dog - have a good long laugh at her expense.

Obviously, she temporarily forgot the fact that turkeys hatch from eggs, but being caught off-guard like that, it would be easy to do. So, where did they get the "baby turkey"? It was actually a cornish hen that they stuck inside the bird before she cooked it.

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