5 Apps That Will Make You Way More Productive

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(Hannah Bronfman is the Co-Founder of Beautified, Founder of HBFit.com and a DJ)

1: Evernote allows you to save everything you need in one place, from addresses to general notes. I personally use it as a recipe catalogue! The best part? You can email your account to automatically upload to the app.

2: I am pretty old-school when it comes to organization. I record all my tasks in an itemized "To Do" list. The big issue is that I always misplace these lists or spill tea/my lunch on them. Google Keep is a great alternative to streamline your productivity process. You simply make a checklist in the app and move them to the bottom of the list once you're done!

3: This is a lifesaver for business people on the go! You can store all large files and secure documents in Dropbox and also share them securely with whomever you invite with a link. This is also a great way to store photos, so that they don't take up so much space on your phone.

4. I co-founded Beautified specifically for busy business people on the go. Through the app, you can book up to 10 services (9 beauty-related and now fitness!), same day or next. All the salons, spas and studios featured in the app are the best of the best. The real win? The salon doubles as a workspace as you can send emails from the shampoo chair!

5: The genius IFTTT app stands for "If that, then this," so it allows you to make up whatever commands you want and have the app automatically complete them for you. I use this app most frequently for my social media channels. For example, you can tell the app: If I instagram a photo, then send to twitter as a TwitPic. Really streamlines the process.


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