Ciara Bravo From 'Red Band Society' Got Her Big Break at a Local Fair

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From comedy to dramedy, Ciara Bravo is making moves.

The Kentucky native who is best known as Katie Knight from Big Time Rush now stars on Fox's Red Band Society, a show that "focuses on a group of teenage patients at the hospital," Ciara said. We learn how the teenagers are dealing with their illnesses and watch them make the best of it. We sat down with Ciara to learn more about her and the show.

C: What inspired you to become an actress?
CB: "There wasn't one actress or movie specifically, it was just the industry as a whole and watching movie after movie that I really enjoyed. I wanted to be a part of that. Heathers is one that stuck with me, it is pretty dark and twisted though. Winona Ryder's early work is what I really look up to and love."

C: You're only 17 years old. That's so young! Did you ever have plans to do anything else?
CB: "I actually wanted to be a jockey! I wanted to race horses when I was younger. Acting is something I kind of fell into and I'm forever grateful for it because I love it so much."

C: You said you fell into acting. How did that happen?
CB: "I was at the local fair in Kentucky and an agent approached my mom and was like 'Let me know if you want your daughter to be a star!' And I was like 'Yeah okay, lets go for it.' It was awesome. One thing led to another and here I am."

C: How would you describe your new show, Red Band Society?
CB: "The show focuses on a group of teenage patients at the hospital. We learn about their illnesses and how they're dealing with them and more so about how positive things can come from bad experiences and how you need to seize the moment, live life and make the best of what you're given. And that's certainly what these kids are doing."

C: How does your character, Emma, fit into the story?
CB: "Emma is a wonderful 16-year-old girl who is in the hospital with an eating disorder. She suffers from anorexia and it is something that has taken control of her life. One thing that's fascinating about her is that her disease effects her physically, but more so mentally. Her interactions with other people definitely show how she's feeling about herself."

C: There are a lot of positive messages on the show, but what would you say is the main takeaway?
CB: "When you watch the episodes you can find different little nuggets of wisdom within each one about friendship and reaching out, connecting with people you normally don't because more often than not we have a lot to teach each other and a lot to learn from each other."

Don't forget to watch Red Band Society at 9:00 on December 3.


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