Did Tyler Posey Write This Break-Up Song About Seana Gorlick?

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A couple of months after Tyler Posey and his fiancé Seana Gorlick called it quits, rumors started sparking that the Teen Wolf star posted a YouTube video singing about their break-up.

"She ruined everything for me. Left a bad taste, it's still hard to breathe. Scared I'll run into her again. She's haunting me like a ghost..." he sings in the clip, while strumming a guitar.

Considering Tyler wrote the song and he recently broke up with his ex, it would seem like the lyrics would be about Seana, but, they're actually not. At the end of the song, Tyler says he wrote it "years ago" and went on to shoot down those rumors on Twitter, blasting one outlet that reported it. Tyler posted the video as a part of his 'Music for your ears to bleed to,' YouTube series, which he talked about before he started singing the sad song. "I was put here on this earth for a reason and it's to inspire people, motivate people...I love making people feel good, I love inspiring people."

"All I'm doing with these videos is literally showing you guys that you can be yourself and have fun and don't care what anyone thinks," he continued. "Trust yourself, be honest with yourself...I'm going to change the world...that's what I'm going to do with this YouTube channel."

That settles that.

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