Jenelle Evans Slammed for Taking Her Son to Daycare

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Jenelle Evans pretty much gets criticized just for waking up in the morning, so this newest round of hate-slinging isn't too terribly surprising.

What are people all riled up about this time?

Jenelle recently tweeted that she was "in the car bawling like a baby" after she dropped her five-month-old son Kaiser off at daycare for the first time and that was all it took.

The Teen Mom 2 star isn't currently employed, so people immediately assumed that she was basically pawning him off.

"Y would u be bawling? u drop him off at Doris's [Nathan's mom] and anyone else who will take him," one person wrote. "B**ch please. You were so excited & couldn't wait for Jace to go to daycare. Wtf does he need daycare, yall don't work?!" another chimed in.

Others shared a similar sentiment, saying that since she and Nathan don't work, they shouldn't need daycare. Finally, Jenelle decided that she's had enough and answered the burning question.

"Becuz maybe JUST MAYBE we go to school full time? #JustSayin think I would pay $200 a week for nothing?!" People argued with that, too, claiming she really only goes two days a week, which isn't technically full-time, while others said Nathan isn't in school.

We have to admit, this is the first we're hearing of Nathan being in school, but if he is, good for him! That's another step in the right direction for both of them.
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