Lucy Hale Reveals Her Beauty Routine: Get Her Tips Here!

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What's the secret to Lucy Hale's red carpet looks?

For one thing, it's staying healthy, telling Yahoo! Beauty, "Sleep, water and surrounding myself with people I enjoy" are the keys to it. She also makes sure she doesn't leave make-up on her skin all day, which helps keep her skin regimen in top shape. "For me, it's about taking off my make-up as soon as I can," she continued. "I have really sensitive skin."

The "Lie a Little Better" singer also talked about her favorite physical feature, saying, "My brows have always been the thing that set me apart. As a little kid, I hated them, but now it's like the thing I love most about myself."

Lucy has also always loved her hair, calling it her "security blanket," but a couple of months ago she finally decided to switch it up. "I got a trim and I was like, that's a weird length, let's do something crazy. So, I went a little bit lighter and chopped it off," she continued, saying she'd love to "try a crazy hair color" one day.

Speaking of crazy, Lucy couldn't help but to chat about Pretty Little Liars while she was chatting about beauty, dishing on her favorite thing about her character Aria.

"She's very driven," the country crooner continued. "Everyone tells her she shouldn't be with Ezra, but she loves him and she's gonna make it happen and she does. She's also teaching me how to be a little bit more romantic as well. We're very similar in a lot of ways, which is why I was drawn to her initially when I read the script."

Lucy also talked music, saying that it was an escape for her growing up and she's enjoying juggling that career with acting. "Music was what I always wanted to do," she continued. "I grew up performing in and around Tennessee. I feel much more fulfilled now that music is back in my life."

The singer-actress just revealed that she'll be headlining her first tour next year. We can't wait to see what else is in store!

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