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Impossible Is Easy

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My own mess, that is what I found myself stuck in. For a few weeks I had put off completing certain tasks, because they felt too stressful. When they were not at all, I just let them pile up into a colossal problem, when they started out minuscule.

This is a constant problem for me, I tend to make situations to be a lot more dramatic and larger than they actually are. Which elevates my stress levels - I then am not able to calmly think about the situation. Which causes the situation to get even bigger in my head, causing the cycle to continue. Pretty soon my mental state is one of chaos, where I feel inadequate to handle even the slightest problem. I find myself rationalizing why I am not fixing my problems, and why ignoring them is the best option. I'm sure that several people can attest to this problem. So how do we stop this?

While I'm still growing and my mind is maturing, I find some of these things to be useful. First sit back and assess the whole situation, try writing just the situation down. Second as cheesy as this may sound, brainstorm possible outcomes, even consider the outlandish ones. This gives us a sense of control in situations where we feel like we have none. Lastly remind yourself at all times that you can do it. Try not to focus on how unpleasant it is, focus on the idea that you can overcome it. Because once it is all over and done with, even if it doesn't turn out how you wished, you will feel relieved. Anything is possible, even the things that seem to be impossible.
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