Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jack and Jack Spill on their Holiday Splurges

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The biggest names in social media, including Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas, flocked to The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. for the premiere of Viners and musicians Jack Gilinsky and Jack Jonhson's DigiTour documentary Jack and Jack: The Movie. The film covers the 18-city, 21-day tour that Jack and Jack went on last summer and gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the social media stars' lives at home and on the road.

"Our fans will definitely love it," said Jack J. "They'll see a whole different side of us, I think."

"You saw what we were like on stage and stuff, but now you can see what we're like when we're chillin in the bus. We didn't watch the final cut, just because because we were like , 'We gotta see it live,' but we watched it along the way and watched it grow," said Jack G. "It's gonna be awesome."

The tour documentary is available to pre-order online just in time for the holidays. We talked to Jack and Jack, plus Nash and Cameron, about what they're most looking forward to this holiday season. Suprisingly, these newly-crowned social media stars are more excited to give presents than receive them this year. (And they're doing some serious splurging on these gifts.)

"I don't know if I'm going to do this yet, so I'm not going to confirm this, but I want to get a horse for my little sister," said Nash. (OMG! What little girl doesn't want a pony?)

"So my mom's birthday is on Dec. 7 and I got her a new Mercedes," said Cameron. "And she has an iPhone 4, so for Christmas I'm going to get her an iPhone 6."

"I'm really excited, because I have never had a job before and I've never made any money, and now that like I have a little bit of money, I can spend it on my beautiful sisters and my parents. I'm just excited to see their faces with whatever I get them. It won't be like too fancy, but something cool that they deserve," said Jack G. "They always treated me to something cool, so it's my turn to give back."

All of the guys are also looking forward to heading home for the holidays. Jack and Jack gave us the inside scoop on their first big hometown show in Omaha, Nebra. on Dec. 20. The venue holds 3,500 people and they're hoping to sell it out.

"We're really excited about it," said Jack G. "We've never done a show in our hometown and a lot of our friends and family are going to come out."

The guys say this show will be different than any show they've ever played. Unlike their previous tour that included funny skits and games, this show will be all about the music.

"We're going to have a live band actually in this one, as opposed to our whole tour that we just went on. It's going to be different and I think people, like music lovers, are going to like it more for that reason," said Jack J. "I think it's going to help us draw in a bigger audience."

"It's totally different than what we've done," said Jack G. "We've done like track music and obviously half music, half joking around stuff, so this is all music."

2015 is right around the corner, so what can fans expect from "The Jacks," Nash and Cameron in the coming year?

"So much music, so many music videos. A lot of collaborations, both on YouTube, Vine and also on iTunes," said Jack G. "We're really excited to release new stuff."

The guys promised they'll also be heading out on an international tour. They don't know the dates or cities, yet, but they said they'd love to visit the UK, Brazil, Mexico and Spain, just to name a few.

"[Spain] always gets us to No. 1 on the [iTunes] charts," said Jack G. "They're loyal as h**l, so we've gotta treat them to a show."

Nash and Cameron revealed they're also going on an international tour next year. Plus, they're even working on a new movie together in 2015.

"We're so excited we're filming a movie," said Nash. "We're filming a project together and then after that project's done we're planning on going on tour."

Nash and Cameron definitely sound stoked to do more acting in 2015. Cameron even landed an upcoming guest star role on an NBC show. Both Nash and Cameron said they love acting, but their ultimate goal is to just keep on entertaining their followers and audiences in any way they can.

"We want to be entertainers, we don't want to limit ourselves to being actors," said Cameron. "If we can put a dope track out or something like that, that'd be awesome."

Find out more about Jack and Jack: The Movie at and check out the duo's music on iTunes.


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