Harry Styles and Liam Payne Reveal Most Manly Things They've Done

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Are the One Direction guys manly men? Well...they talk a good game, anyway.

In a recent interview with 4Music, Harry Styles and Liam Payne talked about their new album's more grown up sound, before answering a fan's question about "the manliest thing" they've ever done.

Liam asked, "What defines a manly moment?"

Harry, however, was quick with an answer, dishing, "You do stuff like, you know, talk about boobs while drinking a beer and watching football." OMG. He added, "I was at home the other day with a couple of lads because the football was on, so we were being lads...and then, the football finished so were like 'Oh we'll watch some TV', and we ended up watching The Notebook!"

How's that for manly?

As for their more mature sound, the guys explained it's "a natural progression...When you're 20 or 21, you experience different experiences than when you're 17."

And what's the most "grown up" thing they've gotten up to recently? Liam said, "I cooked a mean Chinese the other day," while Harry noted, "I went to bed at 7, which is actually both the most grownup thing and the most childish!"

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