Lily Allen Wants to Give Up Social Media, Says She Might Sell Her Twitter

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Social media can be all kinds of awesome. We get our news there, we chat with our friends, we can see what random relatives are eating for lunch. All kinds of good stuff.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside to social media - namely bullying, an open venue to argue with people and have other generally unpleasant interactions.

This morning, Lily Allen decided she was fed up. "Let's give up social media and the Mail Online. It's killing me. That is all," she tweeted, after the site published an article about her 'giving up alcohol' in an attempt to 'grow up.'

The 29-year-old mother was obviously not impressed by the report and continued her Twitter rant, which then segued to why none of us should even be online at all.

"I feel like we're not evolved enough to handle the Internet, psychologically. I preferred real records and newspapers with news in them," she continued. And everything was just better and nicer. We were nicer. And I wouldn't be here...might sell my Twitter now."

Wait, can someone even do that? She does have almost 5 million followers, so that would be a marketer's dream come true, but then @Lilyallen wouldn't ACTUALLY be Lily Allen?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, we hope she keeps her Twitter because we love that celebs have an outlet to refute reports and speak their minds, especially when they find something especially offensive.
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