Ariana Grande Responds to Ed Sheeran Telling Everyone About Her "Black Balls" Joke: Is She Mad at Him?

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We all know why Ed Sheeran was grinning at the end of this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and it wasn't because of the models. It was all because of little Ariana Grande.

Earlier this week, Ed squealed during an Elvis Duran interview that Ariana told a dirty joke during their performances that night, and that's what made him LOL. What did she say? "I love big black balls," that's what. Yikes!

Of course, everyone made a big deal about little-miss-innocent saying something so dirty, so she jumped to Twitter to say something to him for spilling the beans.

"@edsheeran my time with @elvisduran should be really interesting this week thanks to u m8," she posted.
The red-haired singer replied, "@ArianaGrande @elvisduran hel think it's as amazing as everyone else I'm sure, u kool, u kool." She hit back,"bruh", to which Ed responded, "bruh bruh."

Eh, we're pretty sure that means they're still "kool." What do you think?

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