7 Things North West Should Ask Santa for This Year

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North West has pretty much everything a kid could ever want, but we found a couple of things that she could still put on her list for Santa this year. 

1. A bigger closet: Designers love sending stuff to Nori and the mini fashionista needs somewhere to store all of her stuff

2. A waterslide...for her backyard: KimYe's new house has a cool pool, but it would be WAY better with a waterslide

3. Something (fashionable) to shield her from those pesky paparazzi

4. Her own pair of shades, so she doesn't have to borrow these from auntie Khloe anymore


5. A sick sound system...for her stroller! North is daddy's No. 1 fan and there's no reason why she shouldn't be reppin' while she rides

6. A sippy cup...although if someone offered to spoon feed us our hot chocolate, we wouldn't necessarily argue with them

7. A puppy...because the kid who has everything still doesn't have a dog!

At the end of the day, North is a pretty lucky girl and in addition to all of the material things she already has, she has two parents (and aunties and uncles and grandparents!) who love her very much and that's really all any of us could ever ask for.


...Except the puppy: She totally needs a puppy! 


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