Would Harry Styles Rather Be Stuck With Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner in an Elevator?

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Harry Styles just can't escape his past when it comes to his famous ex-girlfriends. While Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner have been hanging out together lately, one reporter wondered which of his old flames Harry would want to be stuck in an elevator with.

In a recent interview with Metro, Harry was asked: "Who would you rather be stuck in a lift with: Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift, or Kendall Jenner?"

You didn't think Harry was really going to answer that question, did you?

Ever the gentleman, the One Direction star took the high road, saying, "Erm...well I have had amicable relationships with all of them, so that's a trick question."

The interview pressed, asking, "All of them at the same time? Would that be fun?"

Harry responded: "I see what you are doing...I don't know." Is he not the cutest?

He was then asked this followup: "Would you give Caroline a shoulder to cry on now she's single again or give her advice?"

Harry clearly didn't want to answer, saying, "Erm...what a question!" The band's publicist saved the day, saying, "Next Question!"

Hey, you can't blame a reporter for trying.

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