Proof That Britney Spears Really Looks as Good as She Does on Her Women's Health Cover

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Every time a hot photo of Britney Spears comes out, there are immediately rumors that it was 'totally Photoshopped.' How about we all just accept that fact that Britney really is that hot?

And why wouldn't she be? She works her butt of at the gym, she watches what she eats and she performs for hours on end at her Las Vegas show. Still, the Photoshop rumors persist.

After Britney's latest gorgeous snapshot, where she appears on the cover of Women's Health, people were quick to cry Photoshop when they saw her insane abs. Some even said it didn't look like her actual face.

As we all know, when it comes to makeup, a little bit of contouring goes a long way and after seeing this behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, we think that if there IS anything different about BritBrit, it's that her makeup was maybe done a little differently than we're used to seeing.

As for her abs: yeah, no 'shopping necessary. They look just as awesome in the video as they did in the still photo. Sorry, haters!

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