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The Gift of Giving (It Could Be a Great New Year's Resolution)

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When someone mentions the holiday, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For a lot of people it's the presents, the trees, the twinkling lights or maybe even the delicious food. What people often forget is that the holidays are a time for reflection and selflessness. With all the glitz and fun of the holidays it's unfortunately sometimes easy to forget the meaning of it. Recently, I was reminded what the holiday season is truly all about, and it really hit me hard.

Last week I took a trip down to Orlando, Florida to play a couple of shows. One of which was incredibly eye opening. I had the privilege to play in a wonderful resort called "Give Kids the World." The resort is for families who have a child with a terminal illness or a life-threatening medical situation. The magic of it is that for the families that get to stay here, it's completely free.

When I first arrived at the resort, my first impression was that they were trying to create a child's paradise. The place was filled with endless activities and fun and the larger-than-life storybook theme makes you feel like you're living in a cartoon. There's an indescribable feeling you get when you walk into this place. It's heartwarming to know that people created such a beautiful place for these children.

Singing for these kids was a whole other level of heartwarming. Their adorable little smiles could brighten anyone's day. I realized how strong these kids are. They go through so much and they truly deserve to make the happiest memories. In that moment, I knew that I wasn't there for myself. I was 100% there just to give these kids music to dance to and enjoy. I was completely invested in giving these children a memorable experience.

Just like that it hit me like a train. That's what this time of year is all about. Giving. It's about giving memories and spreading happiness. Not only is it about giving, but also about counting your blessings. And I don't mean materialistic things. I mean the true blessings like your health and your family and just the blessing of another day. As I reflect on my life and my time at "Give Kids the World" it inspires me to keep on giving. Take this time with your family to tell them how much you love them and be grateful for your blessings and also remember to give back as much as you can. I promise the heartwarming feeling you get in return is more than worth it.

Happy Holidays,


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Get more information on Give Kids The World.
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