Why Did Kailyn Lowry Get Kicked Out of a Football Game?

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Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were looking forward to enjoying their friendly rivalry when their respective favorite football teams went head-to-head over the weekend.

Unfortunately, their good time came to a screeching halt when a fan tried to pick a fight with Kail. When some lady behind her reportedly told her to "Go have another f**king baby!" Kailyn was pissed and offended as any of us would have been. She yelled back at the lady, telling her to "go f**" herself.

After that, Kailyn was ejected from the stadium and that's when the rumors started swirling. According to the reality star's blog post, which chronicles the entire incident in detail, a stadium employee apparently tweeted that Kailyn was ejected for being a 'wasted ratchet girl.'

Um, are we talking about the same Kailyn? The one who literally never drinks or parties or does really anything wrong? THAT Kailyn?! For what it's worth, Kailyn says in her blog post that she hadn't even had a drop of alcohol.

Kail's man came to her defense on Instagram, posting this video lamenting the fact that someone yelled something disrespectful at them and they're the ones that got ejected.

A video posted by @javim9 on

As for Kailyn, she's using the unfortunate incident as a learning experience, saying she's never been insulted to her face like that, but now knows that she should just brush it off (way easier said than done).

"Most people just do it behind the computer screen," she writes. "So, I didn't think it out. But I will say that this is a learning experience for me because I know how NOT to handle someone insulting me in person."

Or maybe people will stop being bullies and just let her live so she doesn't have to have a 'when someone insults me' strategy. We'd like that a lot better.
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