Brad Pitt Got Out of Jury Duty Because He's "Too Distracting" (Report)

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Not. Even. Fair!

There are no two ways around it - jury duty is no fun. If you get on a case, it might be cool, but most of us just go down to the courthouse and sit in a room packed like sardines with a bunch of other people who are also annoyed, eat lunch at the cafeteria and go home aggravated.

In Brad Pitt's case, he reportedly got out of it, because basically - he's too famous. According to the Daily Mail, Brad reported to a Los Angeles court house last Friday, fully prepared to do his civic duty and even looking forward to the opportunity to get on a short case. Unfortunately, he was rejected because the court thought it would be "too distracting" to have him on a jury.

"You just can't stick Brad Pitt in a jury box and expect 11 jurors to ignore him," L.A. attorney William Lively explained to the site. "It's only natural that those jurors would be watching to see how Brad reacts to what's being said and that they could be influenced by his opinions once the jury goes behind closed doors to render a verdict."

While we have seen some celebrities, like Tom Hanks, actually serve on juries, it actually isn't uncommon to let them go for the same reason Brad was rejected. "In most cases as soon as it's discovered that a potential juror is a major celebrity, that person is dismissed, but that is not always the case," Lively revealed.

So, even being famous doesn't always get you out of jury duty, but it does give you a better shot!
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