Why Did Scott Disick Call Kourtney Kardashian a "Nasty F**k"?

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Whoa, take it easy Scott Disick!

We know Kourtney Kardashian was pregnant in this clip and she may be having a couple of little mood swings (which we're totally entitled to, btw) but there is a way nicer way to say that than calling your ladylove a "nasty f**k."

When the pair was cruising through Scott's old neighborhood in the Hamptons in their convertible, some fans spotted them and ran up to ask for a photo (at 1:47 in the video if you want to skip straight to it).

Right away, Scott was like 'yeah, of course!' and Kourtney was like um...no. Poor Scott had to tell the fans as they were literally running toward the car that she had decided the photo was a no-go.

"One single person asks for a photo and you say 'no,'" Scott laments. "Yeah, if we are out on the street, I'm not going to stop and get out of the car...I'm not in the mood for a pic," Kourt explains.

Do you guys think Kourtney should have let the fans have their photo?
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