This Woman Is Not About to Let a Parking Boot Ruin Her Day

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If you live in any crowded city, you are all too familiar with "the boot." If you've never heard of it, congratulations on living in a city where your parking signs don't look like impossible logic puzzles (Exhibit A, below), where you pay A LOT of money if you guess the wrong answer.

Basically, the boot is a parking penalty that falls somewhere between your standard parking ticket and getting towed. You still get the ticket, but you don't have to go get your car at some impound lot. It just immobilizes your car until someone can come and take the boot off. Well, in theory, anyway.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and this woman was NOT about to let a boot stop her from cruising in her car. We've actually always wondered what would happen if you tried to drive with one - now we know.

It pains us to see this gorgeous BMW SUV get clunked by the boot, but you know what? She clearly doesn't care what we - or anybody else - thinks!

"No F**ks Given: Woman Gets Her BMW Booted At A Bad Girls Club Audition And Drives Off Anyway!" one clip of the incident was appropriately entitled...because, despite the parking official's best efforts, literally no f**ks were given that day.
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