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How We Are Changing the World

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Let's be honest, almost all American teenagers are connected to the internet in some way or the other. Sometimes we're on the internet for longer than we should, but you know what? That's totally okay sometimes. Older people like to think that we're spending our time inefficiently, and sometimes that's true, but our generation is doing a lot more than binge-watching two seasons of Orange Is the New Black in a single weekend...we're changing the world.

Crazy? Not at all. Think about it.

We are young, we are still learning, but we can see the injustices of the world. We have a different perspective than our parents, and the people who came before us. Recently, with the killings of innocent people of color, the internet went wild with tweets, blog posts, and videos of people sharing their opinions and facts about what is happening. Who were the people making all those posts? We were.

Our generation saw something that was not morally okay for them, and they did something about it. They didn't stay put, and let the hype die down, they went and they did what they could. Whether it meant protesting at school or Times Square, making videos or tweeting, we did not stay quiet.

It was because of this that so many people found out about what was going on. Our voices are being heard, and justice is still not being served, but more and more people are finding out about what's happening and our voices will be louder.

So while we don't think we are, we really are changing the world.
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