What Happened When Ed Sheeran Stole Elton John's Iconic Glasses

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Ed Sheeran might want to add "thief" to his resume. The singer stole Sir Elton John's signature glasses during a photo opportunity at the legend's wedding over the weekend, and the whole moment was hilariously recorded for everyone to enjoy.

Elton married David Furnish on Sunday, December 21 ,and Ed was one of the lucky ones to get an invite. As if being there wasn't an honor in itself, Ed totally produced the best wedding photo of the night...and it wasn't of the lovebirds.

Posted on his Instagram shortly after the wedding was a picture of the big moment of him stealing the rose-colored lenses from Elton. The best part of the whole thing was the look on Elton's face when it went down! Seriously, it's priceless.

Is Elton crying? Is he blind now? Did someone spit in his eyes? What kind of reaction is that...? We're pretty sure the coolest person in this photo is the waitress in the background, though. How cool would it be to be her right now?

Unfortunately, the photo didn't get a hilarious caption. Just a simple, "#ShareTheLove," which was the wedding's hashtag for the night.

What do you think about Ed's picture? Best photo of 2014? Easily!

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