A Girl Taylor Swift Went to School With Is Speaking Out About Being the Inspiration Behind One of the Singer's Biggest Hits

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Everyone knows it's against the girl code to date a friend's ex. So it's no surprise that when one of Taylor Swift's pals did that to her in high school...she wrote a burn song as revenge.

That's reportedly what went down between Taylor and her childhood ex-BFF Chelsea Alford. The result? Everyone's favorite song "Picture to Burn".

Now, Chelsea is speaking out about the boy drama that went down back in the day between her and T-Swizz, and lets just say, it totally just makes us love Taylor even more.The 24-year-old recently told the Daily Mail about how her husband Jordan broke up with Taylor for her.

"They dated in freshman year, but then after that, girl code, once you date an ex-boyfriend you're not friends anymore," Chelsea said. "'Picture To Burn' is about him because he's always had big old trucks and stuff."

The girl revealed that when the song came out in 2006, it became a guessing game amongst Taylor's Nashville schoolmates as to who else she was writing about on her self-titled album. "There were other songs on there about people that we talked about more [sic] probably, like 'Tears On My Guitar' [is] about the guy she never dated. We were like 'that's a little odd.'"

There's no beef between the ladies, nowadays, so don't freak out, Swifties. They buried that hatchet a long time ago, as they were 14 years old when all of that happened.

One thing is for sure, Chelsea, Jordan and their friends couldn't have predicted where Taylor would be today. She admitted, "nobody thought she was actually going to go anywhere."

Read more of their interesting interview with Chelsea and see pics of her with Taylor, here.

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