Kailyn Lowry Defends Her Success: "You Can't Blame Us for Moving Forward and Making the Best of What We Have Now"

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Celebrities in general face a lot of negativity, especially on social media. The Teen Mom girls seem to have to deal with it more than other celebrities, perhaps because they put more of their personal lives on public display.

In Kailyn Lowry's case, she seems pretty immune to the negativity, but she's human and there are some times that it's just too much, like when someone allegedly yelled something at her while she and her husband were at a football game - or this time, when she came under attack for the opportunities MTV/Teen Mom 2 has provided for her.

"1. You don't know what mtv does or doesn't "hand" us. 2. 20,000 pregnancies have been prevented 3. We are contributing to society by showing girls the struggles so others DON'T do the same thing as we did.
You can't blame us for moving forward and making the best of what we have now," Kail said in her defense.

Did the show provide opportunities that wouldn't have otherwise been available? Who knows, but there are a lot of people who have connections and opportunities and aren't willing to put in the work to make the most out of that, so we couldn't fault Kail even if the show did open some doors for her.

And sure they get paid for the show, but Kailyn isn't sitting back and riding that train - she's going to college, she's running businesses on the side AND she wrote a best-selling book.
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