Ryan Guzman Talks Steamy Scene With Jennifer Lopez: "The Whole Thing Was Awkward"

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Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman's sex scene in the Boy Next Door is not for the faint at heart.

The "Booty" crooner and her onscreen beau not only strayed away from body doubles for the semi-nude scene, they went all out physically for it, giving fans a raw look at Noah (Ryan) Sandborn's seduction of his next door neighbor Claire Peterson (Jennifer).

Before the film hits theaters Jan. 23, we caught up with Ryan at the movie's press junket Thursday to chat about what it was like to make out with J.Lo, whether his boys gave him props for landing the role and much more.

While Ryan and J.Lo got really intimate in their much-talked about sex scene, the Step Up star told us it was anything but hot while they were shooting it, adding, "the whole thing was awkward."

"It was one of those moments where you think you're prepared for it and you tell yourself 'okay, I'm going to do this sex scene, I'm going to move past it and we're gonna be fine,'" he continued. "You get there and you realize you're naked, this is it and you're bearing all to Jennifer Lopez and the other guys in the room – the camera guy, the boom operator and the director, and then you're getting notes from the director as well."

"So, any intimacy that you think might be in the scene isn't there," he went on. "It's all choreographed and that's our part as actors to develop that look of passion. We were so focused on making that scene so passionate, because without that scene, you have no movie. My character never would've done the things he did without having had that beautiful, life-changing, sensual, intimate, sexual experience like that."

Still, the fact remains Ryan was able to make out with J.Lo...in a major way. So, we couldn't help but ask how his guy friends reacted when he told them what he would be up to in the film.
Not surprisingly, they were thrilled (and teased him too). "They were all saying 'you're doing what with Jennifer Lopez?!'And I was like we're doing a movie and I play a guy who seduces her and falls in love with her, and they go 'oh...ok...well stay in LA...you're not welcome back," he said with a laugh.

"No...I have an amazing group of friends and family back home," he continued. "They were so proud of me and they still are, and I keep humble people and grounded people around me, that's why I want to stay as humble as I possibly can. They're just appreciative that someone from Sacramento is making their way and trying to make a name for themselves."

And he certainly is. Get a taste of Ryan's transformation into bad boy Noah in The Boy Next Door in the trailer below!

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