Ryan Guzman Was Surprised to Find This Out About Jennifer Lopez While Shooting 'The Boy Next Door'

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Before Ryan Guzman worked with Jennifer Lopez on The Boy Next Door, he didn't know what to expect.

What he found was a pleasant surprise. The 27-year-old hottie had nothing but good things to say when we asked him what it was like to star alongside J.Lo in the thriller flick, telling us at the movie's junket Thursday in Los Angeles, "The simple fact is she's a great person."

"You go in there hearing so many different things from different people...'[like] Jennifer Lopez, I heard she might be a diva,' you know and none of that was shown ever," he continued. "I had a great time working with her and getting to know her not as J.Lo but as Jennifer was awesome because I have so much respect for her."

As for his favorite part about working with the "Booty" crooner, Ryan said it was "getting to know her as a person and learning what she's capable of and why she's had so much longevity in her career."

"And it is because she is a good person and such a hard worker – I've never seen anyone work as hard as she does," he went on. "So much so that it rubbed off on me in the best way possible. It made me have that appetite to grow and become better and learn things. Not to say that I know everything, but to say that I need to know more. So, now I want to produce like her, I want to direct, I want to write, I want to be everything that she's accomplished and more."

Although it's clear Ryan and J.Lo love to dance (have you seen him in the Step Up movies?!), they didn't do much dancing together during their downtime on set. That's not to say we won't see them cut a rug some time in the future.

"We sort of just did a one-two step for like a little bit," Ryan told us with a laugh, "But, no, we never really danced or anything...who knows, maybe if we go to a party one day I'll call her out but, yeah, we like to have fun with each other."

As for dancing in general, Ryan said, "I love dance and Step Up woke up a beast. Now, any time music is on, I find myself dancing. If there's music, more than likely I'm moving. I'm Latin baby. I can't stop these legs."

Wouldn't we love to get a lesson from him. Don't miss The Boy Next Door when it hits theaters Jan. 23!

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