These Parents Telling Their Kids About the Birds and the Bees Is Hilariously Awkward

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It's the dreaded sentence we all heard during our childhood: "Let's talk about where babies come from...." Um, let's not, actually.

In this viral video, parents teach their kids about the birds and the bees and it's equal parts awkward and amazing. In fact, we kinda wish we'd thought of some of the stuff these kids came up with when they were getting "the talk."

"From God...I thought it was because of God that sent us down into your stomach to be born," one of the children offered, wondering why she needed the talk when she already knew.

"Sperm, egg collide...blah, blah, blah," another kid interrupted his dad, in an attempt to avert the whole conversation altogether because he obviously knows all about it, and he actually summarized it pretty well if you ask us.

We have to give the parents credit, they pulled out all the stops. Some drew pictures, some came up with creative names for conception (like the "special dance") and others didn't really hold anything back.

We're actually not sure what is funnier - the parents trying to explain it or the kids trying not to hear it.
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