2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Get in Heated Debate About Marijuana Legalization: Watch

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It doesn't get too much better than hearing Nancy Grace say "Tity Boi" on live TV.

The CNN host got all fired up when 2 Chainz appeared on her show to discuss the legalization of pot, with Nancy introducing the "Feds Watching" rapper as "2 Chainz, also Tauheed Epps, also Tity Boi."

Nancy brought 2 Chainz on her show to further the conversation about marijuana legalization after she featured a story about a 3-year-old girl who died in a mobile home fire when she was left there along by her parents, who had allegedly been smoking pot and drinking before the blaze.

"You're a star, so many people, so many teens, so many young adults, look up to you," she began to the rapper. "Can I ask you, when you hear about cases like this, why do you still support the legalization of marijuana?"

"From the story I just heard you talk about, they had alcohol included which causes you to black out and forget things... they were irresponsible people...I don't think you can use these particular stories to define everyone that has recreational use," 2 Chainz responded.

The whole interview is well worth a watch, considering the numerous gems both Nancy and 2 Chainz drop in it. "I know your persona is different than your rap persona," Nancy continued. "I know you graduated with a 4.0, you got a scholarship, You are a multimillionaire, you are successful," 2Chainz responded, "You ain't lying."

Although they were there to discuss pot legalization, Nancy also made time during the debate to ponder the meaning of 2 Chainz's name, ask why the women in his videos wear skimpy clothes and how the lyrics in his music affect children.

That aside, Nancy said her point was that if marijuana is legalized, "then everybody is going to have unlimited access to pot..and irresponsible, child abusers are gonna have free access."

Had to give Nancy the blues on TRUsday...we going live at 8pm on HLN tune in # TRUjackcity

En video slået op af 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) den

"Umm...I'm not sure if you know, but everybody has the ability to get their hands on pot right now whether it's legal or not," 2 Chainz butted in, adding that legalizing it would cut out the overcrowding of prisons, help America reduce the deficit and free up tax payers' money.

Don't expect any bad blood between these two though. Although the conversation got heated, the rapper posted a shot of the two of them on Instagram once it was over, writing, "We still cool! That was a great debate thanks Nancy...bill o Reilly U up next! #TRUsday #TRUjackcity."

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