Kaley Cuoco Reveals the Real Reason Why She Had to Have Sinus Surgery

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Kaley Cuoco's sinus surgery has been a huge talking point lately. Ever since she posted a pic of herself in the hospital with a bandage on her nose, there has been an obsession with her nose and what she had done.

She's said on more than one occasion that it was JUST sinus surgery and that she didn't have a nose job, but the rumors persisted.

"For those haters out there who are gonna hate hate hate no matter what, let me inform you that I have not been able to breath through my nose like a normal human being in years," she posted on Instagram. "This surgery is changing my life. With that being said , if I DID get a nose job , (which I didn't) I would be shouting that from the rooftops as well," she joked.

So, why DID she have to have the surgery? Turns out, it was a major addiction to nose spray that led her to the operating room.

"I was actually really addicted to nose spray like Afrin.... Like for years," she said during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "Like at awards shows I would have to pick out the right clutch to be able to fit my Afrin in it. And I'd be under the table like...snorting it. I'm surprised there were no photos of what I was snorting Afrin. And I couldn't get enough, and it was such a problem. And I ruined my sinus. So I had to get it fixed."

It sounds like she's doing much better now, even if she did snore a little after the surgery!
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