Miley Cyrus Shows Off Patrick Schwarzengger's Drug-Inspired Present to Her

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How sweet? Miley Cyrus just went to Instagram to show off another gift from her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzengger, and this time it had nothing to do with pizza.

This time around Miey's boo bought her a controversial t-shirt. She posted a pic of the tee that says, "I'M IN LOVE WITH THE COCO." The shirt is a reference to the rap song "CoCo," which is apparently about cocaine.

While that might be alarming if someone like Taylor Swift was sporting it, because it's Miley, we aren't shocked. We're pretty sure she probably just likes the song. She did reveal in an interview awhile back that cocaine isn't her drug of choice anyway...

This is the second time the twerking singer has called Pat the best boyfriend ever, too. A few weeks ago he gifted her a pizza onesie for Christmas. She posted a picture of that on Instagram and called his awesomeness out then as well.

What do you think about Miley's new shirt? Sound off below.

& da best bf eva stwikes againnnn 💝

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