Five-Year-Old Boy Gets Billed for Missing Friend's Birthday Party

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This is a lot.

A five-year-old boy received an invoice after he missed his friend's birthday party, according to the UK's Plymouth Herald, with the site reporting the birthday kid's parents are threatening to take his parents to court if they don't pay up.

Little Alex Nash was invited to his classmate's party at a skiing center right before the holidays and told his parents he wanted to attend. After confirming he would be there, his father, Derek Nash, realized he forgot he planned an outing with Alex's grandparents and his sister Lily that same day.

"By this time we did not have a contact number, email or an address to let [the boy's mother] know," Derek told the site. "So on the day of the party we asked Alex what he wanted to do; he chose to be with his grandparents."

Although Alex and his partner tried to keep an eye out for the birthday kid's mom to apologize for not showing up to the party, they said they didn't run into her. But, she found a way to find them.

On January 15, they found an invoice in Alex's school bag for £15.95 (about $18.52) for a no-show fee for the party.

The child's mother had given the invoice to Alex's teacher in a brown envelope, which the teacher stuck in there. Rather than cut his losses and pay up though, Derek went to the mother's home (her address was on the note) and told her he wasn't going to give her any dough. Now, the birthday kids' parents are threatening to take them to small claims court (yes, to get them to pay less than $20).

What do you think about this? Should the parents pay up? Or did the birthday kid's mom take things too far?

Sound off in the comments!

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