See Beyonce Rock the Rachel Hair Cut, Sing Back Up

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Talk about a Transformation Tuesday! Long before Beyonce was a household name, she was (sort of) just like us: she had the trendiest haircut of the 90s: The Rachel, aka the the wildly popular layered bob Jennifer Aniston sported during Friends.

Of course, when we had the iconic cut back then, we were talking on our cordless phones at home while Beyonce was busy being featured as a backup singer and dancer with her Destiny's Child bandmates in this 1997 music video for a rapper called Lil' O.

You can see a teenaged Beyonce around the 2:15 mark in the "Can't Stop" video, rocking The Rachel and looking way young. This video dropped right around the time that Destiny's Child's first single "No, No, No" came out, and clearly, the rest is history. Do you like Bey's throwback hair?

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