Taylor Swift Defends Fan After Mean, Online "Ugly" Diss

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Why you gotta be so mean? That's what everyone was thinking when one Taylor Swift fan was rudely dissed on social media the other day. Taylor herself even chimed in, sticking up for the Swiftie in the coolest way ever.

It all went down when Swiftie Lucy Ashton posted a video response online thanking Taylor for the gifts she sent her for Swiftmas. That's when one hater posted a mean comment on Lucy's video, causing Aunt Tay-Tay to come to her defense.

"UR UGLY TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST..." wrote an anonymous bully. In true Tay fashion, the singer shot back within minutes by simply writing, "NO, ANONYMOUS. NO." She then wrote that Lucy was, "the cutest human ever born," for everyone to see. Take that, hater!

Everyone was stunned by Taylor's comeback, even Lucy. She told BuzzFeed.com, "I honestly was so shocked. I didn't even know that she was online. I responded to the message and it didn't really phase me as much as the anonymous person had hoped I guess. I logged off and a couple of minutes later, I came back on and saw that she had responded and stood up for me. I immediately started crying and contacted all of my friends that I had met through Taylor and Tumblr. There was definitely just a lot of crying and smiles that night. And fangirling with my friends."

Lucy's just one T-Swift fan who was lucky enough to get a present from the singer over the holidays. One fan got a personal check from Taylor for $1989!

We'll just add this to our list of reasons why WE fangirl over Tay Tay...

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