This College Student Just Turned His Dorm Room Into a Ball Pit

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Just when you thought you had the coolest dorm room ever, this student totally blows your decor ideas out of the water. A student at Rice University in Houston, Texas has apparently filled his college room with balls.

Yep, David Nichol has decided to fill his dorm with plastic balls. You know, the kind in McDonalds' play areas?

"A lot of people are like why but then you think about it for a second, wait, no that just sounds awesome," he told KTLA. In order to get the job done, he moved his desk, dresser, and other items into a common space that he shares with his three roommates. He still has a set of drawers, next to his balls, for clothes.

So how much does swag like that cost? $500 for about 13,000 colorful, plastic balls. He must be one well-off college student!

Just like a typical play area, there are rules if you want to play in his. "No food or drinks, if you make out you get out and no peeing."

The best part about it all? The university apparently is aware of the ball pit, and is letting him keep it. Coolest school ever?

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