9 Prom Dress Do's and Don'ts

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Spring semester is here, and that means that prom is already in the air. When it comes to prom, there are many things to worry about, from finding a date to mutually agreeing with your friends on a place to eat. (The latter sounds way easier than it actually is.) However, one thing shines brighter - and frequently beaded - than all others in importance: finding a prom dress.

Prom is one of the few times in your semi-adult life you get to wear a bedazzled, sparkly Cinderella gown and it's totally acceptable, unless you want to be Miss America or live out my personal childhood dream of being a princess at Disneyland. So, take advantage of it! This is your moment to shine. Check out our 'dos and don'ts of finding the perfect prom dress below.

Do: Think about what colors look best with your skin tone. Not sure? This quick quiz can help. Tip: Jewel tones like sapphire and amethyst look amazing on everyone and great on camera.

Do: Stick to solid colors and stay away from crazy patterns. Wild patterns can look totes amaze in person, but they don't always photograph well. (We know prom is really all about the Instagram pics.)

Do: Focus on fit. It's everything! If a dress fits you well, you'll feel as confident and fabulous as you are. A dress that's too tight doesn't equal a fun night. You want to actually be able to bust some serious dance moves in your dress...it is PROM, after all.

Do: Remember that if a dress doesn't fit you perfectly or is too long, you can always get it altered. (I'm kind of short, so I always have to get formal dresses hemmed.) Use Yelp to shop around for inexpensive, but reliable tailors.

Do: Start looking early. You don't want to be scrambling to find a dress and get it altered, if necessary, the weekend before prom.

Teenagers (15-18) in formalwear dancing at prom, arms raisedDon't: Limit your options. You don't have to find your dress at the mall. Bridal stores, pageant dress stores and boutiques all sell amazing, unique prom dresses. You might even find a diamond in the rough at a vintage store.

Don't: Think you have to break into your college fund to buy a fabulous dress. (My junior year, I paid hundreds for a dress I bought at a bridal shop and had altered down five sizes to fit me. It was way more trouble than it was worth. But my senior year, I paid around $75 for a dress I bought off the rack at a department store and loved it!)

Don't: Worry about having a date. If you have a date, cool. If you don't, no problem. Just go with friends and have fun.

Don't: Hop on the crazy trend train unless you're fully committed to your family showing off photos of you in a cut-out, backless, zebra-print dress for years to come.

We want to see YOUR prom dress photos. Share them with us on Twitter @cambio.

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